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August 31, 2013


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Welcome to TKC´s World Dog Show 2014! This show is effort based and will give out plenty of titles and prizes. It will be judged realisticly and it follows our champion system inspired by FCI. A sheet describing this system here.

Entries: Click
Ends: 30th April
Background scene:
The floor is blue with yellow carpets, the wall is dark blue, there is no fence and on the sides we placed flower pots . Spotlights that will aim on the dogs shown are placed above the scene. Reference

BIS winner will be drawn on the BIS template by Kique7 next to the ribbon.
Ribbons to all title winning dogs.
TKC World Dog Show BIS Winner 2014 January by Kique7
The rest of the title winning dogs may be drawn on this stage template:
WDS Winners Stage- Free to use by Kique7
We will use the real swedish/norwegian kennel club as a model when it comes to judging, group class and titles.
Groups: (Click on the links to see pictures of all breeds accepted)
FCI site:
Group 1 : Herding dogs// Group 2: Schnauzer, pinscher, molosser, mountain,sennen dogs// Group 3: Terrier// Group 4: Dachshund// Group 5: Spitz, northern and primitive dogs// Group 6: Hounds// Group 7: Pointers, scenthounds// Group 8: Retriever, spaniels, waterdogs// Group 9: Companion//  Group 10: Sighthounds,Pariah
*Created breeds/ Non-listed breeds*
American Bulldog, Rifle dog- Group 2
American Pit bull terrier, Pistolero- Group 3
Kastroma- Group 10

Entry form: (Comment)  Please only apply once you are done with your entry, so we don´t have to look for the form later on
Please specify what type of the breed your dog is if any, for example- Labrador Retriever (American) Dobermann (European).
The reason we ask this is because we don´t want to judge an american structured doberman against the european standard as it would be unfair.
Name of dog:
Working titles: (A dog do not have to have any titles in order to enter)
Ref: (fav link only)
Gender: (male/female)
Breeder: (if starter do not fill this in) "Kennel name"
Country: (optional)
Owner: "Kennel name"
Class: (if entering breeders stake/Best bred)

How we will judge:
Handler showing in image: 0-3 p
Story: 0-5 p
Background: 0-5 p
Details: 0-5 p
Accuracy: 0-5 p
Unique: 0-5 p
How much your entry stands out among the others.
Extra images: 0-5 p
Experience: 0-5p (Working/performance/conformation titles)

Judges: (If you would want to help judging comment below, you must have great knowledge in how conformation shows work)
Meg006 Kique7 Stiir

• Dog owner must be a member of Kennel-Club
• Lines/art can not be re-used
• Backgrounds/Handlers/Stories are not required but will give extra points. Backgrounds made for an entry for this show may be re-used if you are entering more than 1 dog.
• Leasing is allowed but the owner of the dog must be a member of TKC.
• Tracing/Smudging of photos is not allowed
• You can make as many extra entries as you like.
• Making every single image possible with a handler and background, doesn't mean that there is a 100% chance of winning, we look for effort and care when judging. Dogs with a lot of working/performance titles have a greater chance of winning over a dog with no working titles.
• Realistic breed/realistic created breeds only. Check out our Rules journal to see what breeds are not allowed into TKC.
• No furries

•Open•Best of Breed•Puppy•Winner's Dog•Winner's Bitch•Best of Winners•Best of Breed•Best of Opposite Sex •Group 1st (BOG)-Group 2nd (RBOG) -Group 3rd-Group 4th•Best in Show•Reserve Best in Show
Guide of these titles and how a dog qualifies for BIS: Link
Seperate classes (Dogs that enters one of these 2 classes can still participate in the normal rounds for BIS but the dog will need a second entry drawn.) •Best vereran stake (Dogs 8 years+) BVIS BVOB
•Breeders stake•Breeding class

Breeders stake description:
Titles: Best breeder, Best breeder of breed, best of breeding group
Drawing a dog that belongs to another kennel but was bred by you is allowed.
Enters 3 dogs from at least 2 different litters of the same breed
Dogs must be over 6 months of age
Must be the Breeder of Record on all 3 dogs.
Helpers may walk with the breeder to assist holding the rest of the dogs.
Title: Best Breeder in Show
1 starter dog allowed, the other 2 dogs must have a pedigree.

Brace class description:
Video (starts at 4.00+ min)
Two dogs of the same breed, bred by the same breeder, being shown together as a pair in order to display the breeder's consistency in their breeding program. Dogs selected to be shown in a brace should display the same attributes, virtues, style and type.
(1 starter dog allowed)
1 male and 1 female needed, related dogs will have a greater chance of scoring higher. Bred by the same breeder, 1 dog must be owned by the breeder that is showing, if both dogs are owned by the breeder it also gives higher score.
The breeder is in this case the one that drew the litter.
1-4 place awarded
Title: Best Brace in Show "BBIS"

Breeding class description:
Drawing a dog that belongs to another kennel but was bred by you is allowed.
A breeder shows a stud or bitch and their 2-4 offsprings, the stud/bitch that shows the best breeding quality wins the title "Hp"
For males: 1 male is shown together with 2-4 offsprings from at least 2 females.
For females: 1 female is shown together with 2- 4 offsprings.
All dogs participating with a male or female must be showing on the drawing.
1-4 place awarded
Title: Best breeding Stud/Bitch in Show
World Dog Show by Stiir
TKC World Dog Show Map by Stiir

Sponsors and Group judges
The show will be sponsored by groups that correspond to the classes of dogs they specialize in.

RDC logo by Kique7 Rifle-Dog Group 2: //Supervisor: Kique7
:icongundog-association:Gundog-Association Group 7 & 8// Judges: Stiir
:iconschaeferhund-verein:Schaeferhund-Verein Group 1// Supervisor: Stiir

Breed Stands (Stands representing their breed or group)
World dog show- Rifle Dog Stand by Kique7 Animated - Ragdog Registry booth by Coplins
Add a Comment:
LionFangsKennels 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Group: 1
Name of dog: LFK's Sly as a Fox
Working titles: SCHI, SCHII, SCHIII
Color: Fawn with Black Sable and Mask
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breeder: X
Country:Lion Fangs Kennels
Class: Breeder's Stake
Breed: German Shepherd (WGWL)
Group: 1
Name of dog: Faro's Winged Guardian von Muskele
Working titles: COA, HGH, BH, Search and Rescue Certified (Pending) 
Color: Black and Tan with extended Saddle 
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Male
Breeder: Muskele Performance + Faro de Luz Kennel
Country: UK
Owner: Grey Isle Ranch
Class: x
LionFangsKennels 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Breed: Northern Jaro
Group: 5
Name of dog: LFK's Taikatalvi
Working titles: CD, CDX, UD, UDX, SD, SDX
Color: Agouti
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breeder: X
Country: United States of America
Owner: Lion Fangs Kennels
Class: Open


Breed: Jaegerhund .: Breed Standard:.
Group: 8
Name of dog: LFK's Golden Sunset

Working titles: CTN, CTI, CTE, PD, SRN
Color: Light Red
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Breeder: X
Country: United States of America
Owner: Lion Fangs Kennels
Class: Open
1w1w Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Breed: German Shepard Dog ( West German Working Lines)
Group: Group 1

Name of dog: MGK Jagend 
Working titles: BH BCT HT 
Color: Black & Tan with Mask 
Age: 37 months 
Gender: Male 
Country: United States
Owner: Morning Glory Kennels/Marcus Jackson 
Hidden by Owner
Hidden by Owner
Braemoor Mar 30, 2014   General Artist
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Group: 2
Name of dog: BIS Ch. Stormtime's Psychic Votex at pale
She also has a few WB, BOB, group 1-4, etc, but I do not list them as titles.
Working titles: Too young
Color: Red and Rust
Age: 1.5
Gender: Female
Breeder: Stormtime Kennels and Canidae Mayhem
Country: United States
Owner: Braemoor Kennels
Class: Best of Breed
Extra Image 1 Extra Image 2
Kique7 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WestWebbs Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Breed: Bluetick Coonhound
Group: 6 - Hound
Name of dog: Blvd. Sonofabitch
Working titles:CD, TD, TDX, CT
Color: Blue/Tan/White
Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Owner: Crimson Boulevard

Breed: Chihuahua (Longhaired)
Group: 9 - Companion
Name of dog: Blvd. Dearly Beloved
Working titles: MFD MFX MFM CD CDX UD UDX OTCh
Color: Chocolate and White
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Owner: Crimson Boulevard
WestWebbs Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
 Sonny's entry:

Dearly Beloved's:
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