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Submitted on
June 30, 2012


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CGC title gives 20xp.
To get approved for the title just submit it to our gallery, if the drawing is accepted the dog got the title.

CGC tag by Meg006
What is CGC?
CGC is the abbreviation for Canine Good Citizen, which is a title earned after a test is taken that ensures that your dog is sound in personality and obedience, something that genetic tests do not offer.
The CGC test is open to all breeds, including mixes and created breeds.

Basic Requirements
Participating dogs must be at least one year old. There is no maximum age.
Your dog must be wearing either a nylon, leather chain collar, or harness.
If your dog is wearing an electronic, pinch, or choke collar, head or muzzle halter, easy-walk harness or any other training type tool, you and your dog will be automatically disqualified for three days. Your dog must also not be wearing any tags.

Types of Tests
3 drawings needed that shows the dog completing 3 tests. The drawings may be put on the same canvas

:bulletblack:  Accepting a Friendly Stranger  :bulletblack:
Depict the dog remaining calm during a meet and greet of the handler and a stranger.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.
The stranger should not touch the dog.

:bulletblack:  Sitting Politely for Petting  :bulletblack:
Depict the dog remaining calm in a sitting or standing position during a petting session by a stranger.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  General Grooming  :bulletblack:
Depict someone the dog knows grooming the dog or the evaluator examining the dog for cleanliness, proper weight, alertness etc.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Out for a Walk  :bulletblack:
Depict the dog walking on a loose lead easily. The dog should be at the handler's side.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Walking Through a Crowd :bulletblack:
Depict the dog easily walking through a crowd or through normal pedestrian traffic on a loose leash.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Sit, Down! & Stay  :bulletblack:
Depict either the dog sitting or laying in place on a long lead.
The dog must be on the long leash for this with the appropriate collar and must not move.

:bulletblack:  Come!  :bulletblack:
Depict the dog running towards the handler.
The dog may be off leash or on the long leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Reaction to Another Dog  :bulletblack:
Depict your dog and another 10 feet from each other, neither dog should meet the other, but there should not be an adverse reaction.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Distraction  :bulletblack:
Depict some sort of distraction (a dropping chair, a popping balloon or another barking dog) with your dog remaining calm and attentive.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

:bulletblack:  Separation  :bulletblack:
Depict the dog alone outside, without much more than either mild agitation or nervousness.
The dog must be on leash for this with the appropriate collar.

What Can Get Me Disqualified?
If the dog snaps, growls or excessively barks during the test.
If the dog relieves itself during any of the tests but Separation.
If the appropriate collars, leashes and equipment is not ready or worn.
If the dog does not pass any of the tests.

Search & Rescue
Approved to use this by BloodhoundClubofDA
Jobs your dog can get specialized in after getting SAR certified:
Airscenting- "Airscenting dogs primarily use airborne human scent to home in on subjects, whereas trailing dogs rely on scent of the specific subject. Airscenting dogs typically work off-lead, are non-scent-discriminating (e.g., locate scent from any human as opposed to a specific person), and cover large areas of terrain. These dogs are trained to follow diffused or wind-borne scent back to its source, then to indicate their find (for example, by sitting with the lost party and barking until the handler arrives, or by returning to the handler and indicating contact with the subject, and then lead the handler back to the subject)"
Tracking- "Tracking dogs will typically work on lead and will mostly have their nose to the track following ground disturbance. A good tracking dog will be able to work through a variety of terrain as well as successfully maneuver turns and "double backs" that a subject might take."
A trailing dog is scent specific, can also have his/her head up using some of the air scent techniques to find the subject. Trailing dogs will work on and off lead, and trailing dogs will venture off the actual path that a subject took should a scent pool be discovered. This is not to be considered an error by the dog, as they are following a specific scent and working through all other human scents to get to the source.

- Search and Rescue Novice is the first title earned after a single seminar. Novice canines must be equipped with a simple leather harness and must be on a long lead. In the first seminar, it will be held in an open field and the scent trail will be taking your dog and handler into the woods. Under a downed tree will be the person your dog is sniffing out.
The seminar can be held from dawn to dusk. The scent will be a warm scent, meaning it is no older than 15 minutes old. The weather has to be mild, snow and rain can cause the scent to fade faster and confuse your dog. He/She will learn in time to scent in the elements.
1 drawing, no background required. Semi or headshot.
5xp for earning title

- Search and Rescue Advanced is the next step into becoming certified.This must be drawn at night and the dog must be tracking a warm trail that is at least 25 minutes old... with this night time test, your dog will track a scent from an open field, into the woods and lead up into the mountains. The "missing person" will be hiding out in a man made shelter.
For the night test, your dog must be equipped with a high visibility harness and must be on extended lead.
1 drawing, no background required. Semi body/full.
5xp for earning title

- Search and Rescue Superior will put your dog to the test, he/she will be tracking a cold scent that is about a day and a half old but also fading fast in the rain.  For the image, the high visibility vests are required.
1 drawing,  background required. Semi body/full
5xp for earning title

- Search and Rescue Certified is the final test, this will be testing your dog by having him/her track a 13 day old trail, any weather but sunny is allowed at any time of the day. The human must be well hidden and may leave a trail of clues, but the scent on those clues have to be faded (meaning, old). Just to make things interesting, you must also add the object of which the original scent is on (clothing and other personal items). After this is completed, your dog is officially certified to be Search and Rescue.
1 drawing, background required. Full body.
5xp for earning title

At the end and given the proof of all tests being done with the appropriate amount of images, your will receive a certificate from the group. All together there should be 4 images.

- Your dog must be a year old or older to qualify.
- There should be a total of 4 complete images. WIP's, manipulations and pre made lines art unacceptable. If those are used, you will be denied the title you are trying to earn and will have to try it again.
- semi to full background required
- Handlers are not required
- Harnesses and leashes when needed according to any of the above, are required.
- Each image gives 7 points (Event
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